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Regular mechanical car servicing can extend the life of a vehicle. The reason for this is simple - defects are found before they become catastrophic.

A small investment in routine car servicing and repair, plus a good inspection programme results in a good return on that investment due to:

  • Reduced cost of repairs over the life of the vehicle
  • Reducing unforeseen and possible breakdown risks
  • Reduced vehicle time off the road
  • Less inconvenience and less unforeseen expense
  • Less likelihood of car accidents
  • The possibility of greater fuel economy
  • The possibility of increased product life
  • e.g. tyres last longer, brake discs do not become scored and in need of replacement








Super Major Service
Supply Service Sticker
Stamp Service Book
Supply Engine Oil Valvoline
Supply and Fit Oil Filter
Supply and Fit Air Filter       
Top Up BrakeFluid, Coolant, Steering, Transmission & Differential
Supply Additives
Supply And Fit all Wiper Blades
Supply Window Washer Additive
Service Battery
Wash Exterior and Vacuum Interior
Armour all dash
Reverse Hi-Pressure Flush Cooling System & Refill with Coolant
Pressure test cooling system
Test A/c Performance
Test Battery Condition
Test Charging System
Electronic Tune Up
Service Spark Plugs
Light Check
Tyre Pressure Check
Balance all Wheels
Road test
140 Point Safety Check
Written report
Reset service indicator on dash (if applicable)

Major Service
Supply Service Sticker
Stamp Service Book
Supply Engine Oil Valvoline
Supply and Fit Oil Filter
Supply and Fit Air Filter       
Top Up All Fluid Levels
Supply Additives
Supply and Fit Front Wiper Blades
Supply Window Washer Additive
Service Battery
Light Check
Tyre Pressure Check
Electronic Tune Up
Service Spark Plugs
140 Point Safety Check
Reset Service Indicator on dash (if applicable)

Minor Service
Supply a Service Sticker
Stamp Service Book (if Appl)
Supply Engine Oil                                            
Supply and Fit Oil Filter                                   
Top Up All Fluid Levels
Supply Window washer Additive
Service Battery                                             
Light Check:                            
Tyre Pressure Check                           
30 Point Safety Check
Reset Service Indicator on dash (if applicable)

 Log Book Servicing
All Makes and Modals Serviced To Manufactures Specification
All Books Stamped and filled out To Maintain Warranty
Reset Service Indicator on Dash (if applicable)

Fleet & Company Vehicles
All Makes & Modals Serviced To Manufactures Specification
Servicing Can Be Tailored To Company Needs
Latest Tools and diagnostic Equipment used, Reliable and on time Service

Cooling System Check
Check Radiator Hoses
And Replace As Required,
Refill System with Inhibitor
And Pressure Test.

Tyres & Batteries
We Stock Batteries for All Makes and Models
We can supply and fit tyres for all makes and models
We repair  punctures
Dunlop,Goodyear.Pirelli,Bridgestone and Others

Windscreens & Window Glass
We can supply and fit to most makes and models
Window glass
Rear Windows

Electrical Repairs
We service And Repair all makes & Modals
Supply and fit New and  Reco Starter Motors
Supply and Fit New and Reco Alternators
Head Light Aiming
Electrical Fault Finding,
All Scan tool Testing / Fault Codes, erasing all Warning Lights, etc

After Market Accessories

We can supply and fit most after market accessories to make your car special
Reverse Park sensors both front and rear
Incar DVD players
Car Radios
Reverse CCTV
Wind Deflectors
Mud Flaps & Spats
Headlight & Bonnet Protectors
Window Tinting

Efi Engine Tuning

We can Tune your car using the latest in electronic equipment
Any make any model  by keeping your car in tune you will use less fuel emit less pollution and reduce global warming.
Fuel injectors cleaned and serviced
Coil packs tested
Spark plug leads tested




Brake Checks

If you are ever in any doubt about the state of your brakes, in between services, At  Autocare Automotive provide a no obligation brake check when service is performed. Our fully skilled and experienced technicians will;

  • Check the condition of friction materials and hydraulics
  • Clean and remove dust from drums
  • Adjust rear brakes
  • Check hand brake
  • Check brake fluids
  • Test and report

We use the latest equipment to carry out these essential safety checks and only fit brakes that are made to original equipment standards meaning you are guaranteed the highest levels of safety as designed by your vehicle manufacturer. All parts are guaranteed for 12 months or 12,000 miles. (whichever is sooner)

Brake Maintenance
Brakes are a critical safety item and to provide maximum stopping power, your brakes must be at optimum braking efficiency. Regular brake checks and maintenance are of great importance for the safety of your vehicle and help reduce the possibility of more costly bills in the future.

Brake System Service
Flush out old fluid
Refill with new fluid to manufactures spec
Bleed Hydraulic system
Scan tool for any ABS faults
Adjust handbrake and rear shoes
Report any brake system leaks
Report on pad/shoe wear
Report on Rotor/drum wear
Road Test and report overall condition

Front End Service
We can carry out all front end repairs eg:
Wheel Balancing
Wheel Alignment
Shock absorber replacement
Suspension Bushes & Engine Mounts replacements

Automatic Transmission Service
Drain pan and clean
Replace Automatic Transmission Pan Gasket
Refill with manufactures spec Fluid
And Recheck.ajustments
Adjust bands if required
Supply additives
Scan tool for correct operation
Road Test and report

Gearbox & Clutch Repairs
We will service and repair any make of gearbox
Changeover gearboxes
Clutch repairs, New Clutch Kits Fitted
Fly Wheel resurfacing
Clutch master cylinder & Slave Cylinder repairs & replacements
Hydraulic Repairs etc

Differential Service & Repairs

We can service all differentials be it front or rear wheel drive
Repair or replacements



A/C has been rapidly standardised over the last 10 years due to the major enhancement it brings to passenger comfort. However, drivers are only just realising that A/C systems do require regular maintenance.

Vehicle A/C systems will tend to lose refrigerant over time as refrigerant permeates through the physical joins between components.

Over time this will cause deterioration in performance.

Worse still, if you leave A/C operating with low refrigerant levels more serious problems can occur, lubricant circulation may be affected and air or moisture may enter the system.

The consequences could include:

  • Poorer fuel economy as the compressor remains engaged to attain lower temperatures
  • Internal corrosion caused by air or moisture reacting with refrigerant
  • Component or system failure

Autocare Automotive now offer a range of A/C related services.

Full Air Conditioning Service
Leak test system and report faults
Vacuum and recover gas
Replace Filter/drier
Check compressor oil level and top up if required
Recharge system with correct gas to manufactures specs
Re Test for leaks
Clean Condenser Fin
Inspect and Adjust A/c Compressor Drive Belt
Performance Test A/c Operation
Inspect All Visible A/c Components

Air Con Regas
Test System for Leaks and report
Supply Uv Dye if required (extra cost)

Free A/c Performance Test
Check System Pressure and vent temp
Compare to manufactures specs
Visual Inspection

Anti-bacterial system clean
Treats the Problem of Stale Smelling A/c at Source
Prevents the problem from returning for 12 months

General A/c Repairs
Rebuilding of hoses
Repairs to Condensers
Refitting of Compressors
Electrical wiring
Hose & Oring Replacement
Tx & Orifice Tube Replacement
System Flush
Evaporator Repairs & Replacement
Duct and Vent Repairs


LPG Testing & Repairs
We are licensed to inspect and test LPG fitted Vehicles
Lpg Tank Testing
Lpg Installation Certification
Lpg Vehicle Servicing

Roadworthy Testing
Rwc Testing to Vic Roads Requirement
Cars, LPG, 4wds, Light Trucks & Vans

Pre-Purchase Inspections
Buying a used vehicle, getting a pre-purchase inspection might just save you from Buying a LEMON And Saving $$$$$$ Long Term
Full Vehicle Inspection with comprehensive written report
Test Conducted are;Driveline,Body , Chassis, Steering &  Suspension Engine & Transmission ,Air Conditioning System,Interia,Charging System
Charging System, Cooling System, Overheating Head Gaskets Etc


Areas we service in Melbourne: North and North East.